DIY Skin Moisturizing Tea

Hot summer days are approaching! And though our erratic weather isn’t making it obvious, don’t you think the heat’s getting more ‘in your face’ during the sunny days?

It’s time to shore up the defences in your immunity system and your skin. I’ve extolled the virtues of tea, the all-natural detoxification fluid, in some previous articles, so here are more healthy tea recipes that could do wonders to your health and skin! Because remember that good health is equivalent to good skin. Each tea serves different purposes and uses different ingredients. Take your pick on what you need and what you can make!

Constitution-strengthening tea

You will need: 5 g of dried Chrysanthemum, 5 g of dried wolfberry and 2 – 3 red dates.

Wash the wolfberries and dates thoroughly and shred them. Place all the ingredients into your boiling pot. Add warm water to rinse the ingredients, and then pour it out. Add boiling water to the pot and simmer for 10 minutes. It’s ready for consumption!

This tea detoxifies your organs, reduces body heat and nourishes your blood.

Detoxifying cooling tea

You will need: 4g of dried honeysuckle, 4g of dried Chrysanthemum and 2g of dried Jasmine.
Use the same cleansing and boiling process as above.
This tea detoxifies and reduces heat and body swellings and provides prevention against flu.

Detoxifying cooling sweet tea

For those who don’t like the subtle taste of Chinese tea, this recipe, which uses 30g of barley seeds, 60g of green beans, 1g of green tea leaves (or a green tea bag) and a table spoon of honey will appeal to you.
Rinse the barley seeds and green beans and place in a pot. Add 300g of water and boil at high heat for 15 – 20 minutes. Add the green tea and boil for another minute. Filter out the liquid and let it simmer. Add honey to it for consumption.

This tea gets rid of heatiness and removes swelling and toxins from water retention.
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