Responsible Skin Care

Results of skincare products and treatments are subjective and differ for individuals depending on skin type, age, allergies, environment and other physical elements. Before buying a product, always check whether it suits your skin type and condition. If you're in doubt, the retail assistant is there to help. Never jump on a product just because a reviewer says it's good. Us reviewers are regular people with our own share of skin problems.

For your reference, I'm Asian, in my mid-20s, have combination skin and experience mild breakouts when I'm stressed or use oily products. I do not have sensitive skin, nor am I prone to skin allergies.

For new DIY treatments and unfamiliar products, always perform a skin patch test before usage. Here's how to do a simple skin patch test:

Place a small amount of the product onto a band-aid and stick band-aid to your inner forearm which is one of the most sensitive areas prone to skin allergies.

Leave band-aid on for 24 hours and avoid getting it wet during this period.

After 24 hours, remove band-aid and check arm for reactions.

If you experience redness, itching or just about any form of discomfort on the area covered by band-aid, you may have an allergy to the product. Therefore, do not use it!

If there is no reaction, you may use the product.

Disclaimer: All products and DIY treatments that I have recommended have produced results for myself or people around me. However, I am unable to guarantee that they will produce similar results for everyone. I hereby disclaim all responsibility for dissatisfactory results and any problems resulting from using said products and treatments.