Product Review: MAC Pro Longwear concealer


I just got my new MAC Pro Longwear concealer in the mail and I'm in love with it! 
It is a full coverage liquid concealer that looks thick and opaque and feels a tad sticky to the touch. However, upon application, it actually feels very light weight on my skin. It stays in place for about eight hours in an office environment, keeping all my imperfections invisible, and I never even saw a necessity to touch up.

The packaging is a cute little glass vial which looks pretty, but I'm not too enthusiastic about it. I never do like glass bottles as I'm always fearful that I might drop them and cause them to break. The dispenser is easy to work, but take care not to press too hard or you may end up dispensing too much at one go.

It claims to contain medical grade ingredients that help with reduce spots and blemishes, so that's
another plus for people who have some pimples.

Soothe Your Stressed Skin with Tea

Tea is an all-natural beauty and health supplement! Dermatologists say that regular consumption of tea makes your skin smooth and radiant and lengthens the time period for wrinkle formation.

Apart from drinking tea, there are some simple things you can do with tea to improve various aspects of your wellbeing!

If your eyes are tired from prolonged computer usage, use a cotton pad to soak up a small amount of cooled tea and wipe your eyes gently with it. After a few minutes, splash some cold water on your face. It brings instant relief for your eyes!

Teabags are also great remedies for dark circles and eyebags. You can view the article that I wrote on it months ago here.

Tea soothes sunburnt skin too! Just gently dab some cooled tea onto the peeling and flaky parts using a cotton pad. Do it for as long as you like until you’re satisfied with the results.

If your eyes are swollen and red due to lack of sleep or failure to remove your eye-makeup completely, you can bring down the swelling with tea bags. Take 2 tea bags that have been soaked in luke-warm water and place them over your closed lids for 10 minutes. But don’t place them directly over the slits of your eyes in case tea gets into them.

Last but not least, you can make a tea facial mask! You will need brown sugar and red tea leaves for this. Add 2 teaspoons of red tea leaves and brown sugar to a tea pot. Add a little water (until approximately 1 finger widths from the base of the pot) and boil the mixture. After the tea has boiled, stir flour into the mixture until you get a gooey and evenly blended mixture which would serve as your mask. Wait till it is cool enough, then apply the mask to your face. Wipe the mask away from your face after 15 minutes. This mask is especially good for people with dull skin. If you keep this up for at least 1 month, you should be able to put some radiance and colour back to your skin!

You may find the large selection of herbal and all natural teas these days overwhelming. However, you don't have to worry about exactly which tea to choose as all natural tea (not the ones with artificial flavouring, mind you) generally have beauty and health merits, so you could use any. Examples of natural tea include red tea, black tea, Jasmine tea and green tea. My personal recommendation is green tea because it is known to have detoxification effects!

Reduce Facial Puffiness

Oh no! My face swelled overnight! It's puffy like a bun in the morning! And it looks like one too; pale and dull-coloured!

This is often the result of drinking too much water before you go to bed. The most effective way to curb this problem is of course, to drink more water in the day and reduce water intake at night. But this is easier said than done because most of us have little time to drink in the day and try to make up for the shortage of water consumption by drinking more at night.

Thankfully, there’s a method to reduce swelling quickly. It’s done like a ‘sauna’. Splash your face 30 times with cold water. Repeat the process with warm water, followed by cold water again. Five minutes after this process, your skin should become firmer, elastic and radiant!

Paint your Face Safely

National Day is just round the corner! Ready to paint the town and your face red?

Face Painting is a fun and colourful activity that really gets you into the atmosphere of large-scale celebrations! But some people are concerned about the possible toxic effects of face paint, and whether it can be thoroughly removed, all for a good reason, because face paint can indeed damage your skin if not applied with care!

Here are some safety tips on using face paints:

Use Material Suitable for Skin

That means no acrylic craft paints, watercolor markers, permanent markers (gasp! some people actually use it!), pencils and your arts and crafts material. Not even for a short period of time. These chemicals can take days to be removed completely, during which they may cause rashes especially for those who have allergic skin. You can find face paint at large places selling craft material such as Art Friend. Just make sure you get the right one, and ask for help if you need it! Don't use metallic craft glitter either! If you need some shimmers, only use those specifically for face painting. These are usually made of polyester and 0.008 microns or smaller.

Don't Paint On Open Wounds
This includes acne and open cuts. When you rub your skin to remove the paint, you could aggravate the wound and cause irritation. Use a sticker instead.

Personal Hygiene
Just like when applying make-up, practise personal hygiene when applying face-paint! Especially since it's a longer process than your usual make-up routine, keep hand sanitizer or baby wipes at hand so that you can wipe your hands at various intervals!

Be Comfortable
Sit down and make sure you're in a position where you are comfortable so that you can paint your face without causing any strain or having to resort to awkward postures. Take breaks at various intervals if you must. Apart from health reasons, looking comfortable at the end of it adds a star to your colourful new visage!