Cosmetic surgery goes beyond skin deep

To most people, cosmetic surgery is all about improving your looks, but to a rare few, the procedure is done for more meaningful (note: crazier) reasons.

Professional impersonator Mikki Jaya, a mother of 3, spend 8000 pounds on cosmetic surgery on her nose, jaw and cheek bones to make herself look like her idol Michael Jackson. That sure is a huge amount of money, but looking at her earnings – a grand annual income of 120,000 pounds, a very good investment indeed. Following the death of the King of Pop, this amount is likely to escalate.

Cindy Jackson, famous for being the in Guinness World Record for having the most amount of cosmetic surgery done in the world, had been a huge fan of Barbie dolls since she was a little girl. After her father passed away, she spent years and her large amount of inheritance to fulfil her dream – undergoing cosmetic surgery to transform herself into a living Barbie doll. As she made waves in the media, her obsession met the approval of English man Tim Whitfield-Lynn, who underwent plastic surgery to look like Ken doll, Barbie’s boyfriend.

Wealthy socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein decided to undergo cosmetic surgery for her billionaire husband Alec Wildenstein so he would be faithful to her. Knowing that her husband loved cats, she spent 2 million pounds to make her features cat-like. Needless to say, her husband divorced her after witnessing the horrifying results of the surgery.

She’s 69 years old and he’s 37 years old. Their age gap of 32 years would not deter them from being in love with each other, but the wife Ma Yu Qin has always wanted to look younger to match the appearance of her younger husband so she did a wrinkle-removal procedure in a cosmetic surgery hospital in Shenyang.

Sandra Boyes and Steven Patrick look like a pair of twin sisters, but they are in fact a mother and son (yes, that’s a man) pair with an age gap of 29 years! Steven Patrick always liked dolling himself up as a blonde vamp since he was 17. When his mother got tired of her brunette hair and wanted a make-over, the filial son sponsored a cosmetic cum cloning surgical procedure costing 11,000 pounds to make her over to look like him. The pair has always had a close-knit relationship resembling that of a mother-daughter’s relationship and no doubt being able to look like twins is something that appeals to them.

Maybelline: Superstay Concealer

Since I’ve been writing articles about concealing flaws, I figured it’s a good time to recommend a cheap and good concealer that I’ve been using. Maybelline is a pretty economical brand of make-up and its effects are definitely worth its price. It covers my dark circles completely, doesn’t crease and true to its name ‘Superstay’, it stays on for long hours without my having to touch up.

Application is very smooth. The wand applicator is easy to handle and the formula is thick and creamy, yet it dries quickly and smoothens out evenly. You do have to blend it very quickly, however, as it dries a tad too quickly. People with more complicated skin problems like flaky skin and acne where blending is tricky will have to take note of this.

While it stays on very well and for a long period of time, it is also rather difficult to remove. With my usual make-up remover, I had to wipe my face with several squares of cotton before the last square was stark white. Still, I’d rather spend more time removing my make-up then touching up my make-up!

Concealing your flaws at different ages III

For the 40's and above

More mature skin tend to have problems such as uneven skin pigmentation and wrinkles. All these flaws can be concealed with appropriate concealers. Skin also tends to be dryer, so liquid foundations and moisturizing foundations should be used to make skin look more moisturized and less wrinkly. And yes, indeed the same type of make-up can be used for even older women in their 50s and 60s, if you have been taking good care of your skin. Always remember to start caring for your skin as soon as possible, don’t wait until the flaws start showing.

Photo courtesy of: 醫美人


1. Apply skin tone correcting foundation on your entire face
2. Apply undereye concealer to conceal eyebags and wrinkles

3. Apply a concealer with a pearly shade over your undereye (makes your eyes look brighter and more refreshed)
4. Cover your facial flaws with concealer of similar shad to your skin tone
5. Use a concealer stick with max concealing properties to apply concealer over your cheeks.

 Photo courtesy of: 醫美人

6. Use a powder puff to blend the concealer
7. Apply concealer to your forehead with a concealer stick and blend with powder puff.
8. Remember to use a small brush to reach areas unreachable by powder puff.
9. Apply a little loose powder over your under eyes.

10. Use a make-up brush and gently swipe loose powder over your whole face.


Before applying undereye concealer, apply a deeply moisturizing primer around your eyes to keep your eyes well moisturized and prevent caking.

If you skin is dry, use a large make-up brush to swipe on loose powder. The effect is much more natural looking than using a powder puff.

Don’t forget to apply sunblock and moisturizing cream before applying make-up. It helps to protect your skin and makes make-up application easier.

Use a small make-up brush to apply concealer over fine wrinkles instead of running your pigment stick over it. This prevents caking.

Use mineral foundation with light-reflective minerals. It makes your skin more smooth-looking.

And this concludes the end of this series. 

Face Good Gets a Facelift!

Today's a very special day - Face Good's 100th post (The newly added About and Responsibility page do not count as posts)! *curtseys*

When I started blogging, I didn't think I'd get far owing to my busy schedule and the myriad of beauty blogs already on the web. Would this end up as a personal diary that nobody would read? I wondered.

But as the months went by, I started getting feedback and requests for advice through emails, sometimes even invitations to beauty-events and product review requests! Wow! People read my blog, and they like it! Thank you very much!

To celebrate this happy occasion, I changed the template! It looks much more vibrant and livelier now, doesn't it? A great improvement if I must say so myself!

I hope everyone will continue to enjoy my articles in the future. Your comments and emails are always welcome!

DuWop Twilight Lip Venom

I promised a review on DuWop's Twilight Lip Venom, so here it is!

The pros and cons can be summarized in one sentence: Difficult to apply for newbies, but very pretty indeed!

If you're a new user of DuWop's lip products, chances are, you're probably going to experience some difficulties getting it on your lips properly. Initially, I found it very difficult to spread evenly on my lips, with the result being a very patchy red. But practice makes perfect, and after a few tries and steadier hands (you need to keep brushing it on and blending simulteneously until you get evenly spread out.

The colour is a rich, deep red (think fresh blood and vampirish lips, so the product is pretty successful in mimicking this vampirish effect) and has a glossy effect. After a short while, however, the gloss wears off, but the colour stays. You can add clear gloss over your lips. The effect is very nice and makes your lips look wet and succulent.

Like all DuWop lip venom products, it stings your lips upon application so that's nothing to worry about. Unfortunately, the lip plumping effect, if any, is subtle. A recommended product if you want some sexy lips but not so if you're really looking into the lip plumping effect.

Concealing your flaws at different ages II

Make-up for the 30s

Careers usually constitute a huge commitment in the life of a career woman in her 30s. Late nights and work stress inevitably cause insufficient sleep and hence eye bags and dark circles. Make-up should be focused on covering these flaws to give your skin more radiance.

Photo courtesy of: 醫美人

1. Evenly apply a make-up base all over your face.

2. Apply liquid foundation on your cheeks using a horizontal outer sweeping motion.

3. Spread foundation on your forehead in a horizontal movement, pulling it downward to cover the area beside the eyes.

4. Apply foundation on your chin in a downward motion, spreading it horizontally to cover the base of your chin.

5. On the edges of your nose bridge, apply concealer of similar tone to your skin colour.

Photo courtesy of: 醫美人

6. Dab a little concealer on the edges of your lips to conceal sneaky little cracks of wrinkles.

7. Apply concealer over eyebag and dark circles.

8. On area surrounding eyebag, apply concealer that’s of a slightly lighter tone than your skin colour or with a yellowish tint. This helps to increase the radiance around your eyes.

9. Apply loose powdered foundation over eyebags.

10. Dab loose powder all over your face. And that’s done!

Additional tips

If the skin around your eyes are dry, apply primer specifically meant for the undereye area before applying concealer.

When applying concealer over eyebags, gently rub it in in one direction from inside (near nose bridge) to outside (near temple). Do not apply too much concealer or it will look unnatural.

Excess make-up does not go well with dry skin, so always remove excess loose powder by dabbing your pouffe against the back of your hand before dabbing it to your face.

If you’re always in an air-conditioned place, use a make-up base with moisturizing purposes. It helps your make-up to stay on longer.

A hectic life makes your skin tired and dull. Use radiance foundation to make your skin look healthier.

Always bring your loose powder with you to do regular touch ups.