Beauty tips for late nighters

Since this is my first post, I shall blog about a problem that inflicts almost all Singaporeans (yes, the men and children too!) and basically any developed country in the world - late nights!

Most people make light of staying up late, thinking that whatever damages that are caused can be slept away by the next night. If only this were true! Staying up late inflicts long-lasting damage to your overall well-being, including your skin. What's more, burning the midnight oil has become routine for most people, myself included, so there's no 'replenishing of sleep' to speak of. The list of negative impacts accompanying late nights is endless, but I'm not here to condemn late nights, so on with the tips!

You are what you eat, so eating right for dinner or supper is pretty much self-explanatory. Late nighters should consume food that is rich in Vitamin C or collagen as these help to restore the elasticity and luminity of skin. Skin of animals, such as chicken, duck and pig, is rich in collagen. Most fruits are rich sources of Vitamin C. If you're not consuming enough veggies or fruits, you may want to consider taking Vitamin C pills (but all natural is still the best!). Eat less spicy food and go easy on the alcohol!

Keep your skin moisturised at all times! Leave your windows open at night (if you live on the higher floors, that is). Keep your room door open too. These will facilitate better ventilation, which is desirable for your skin as fresh air moisturizes the skin. You can also apply moisturizing cream to your skin. But do avoid drinking water at night as it is harmful to health (as to how so, that's another story!)

Don't wash your face too late at night. Between 10pm to 11pm, the skin undergoes self-maintainence. This period of time is ideal for face cleansing and the application of skin care products. Use warm water and facial soap, and don't forget the moisturizer!

Now, on to eye bags and dark circles, the bane of beautiful, expressive eyes! Avoid drinking thick tea, coffee and alcohol as they easily result in dark pigmentation on the skin and around your eyes. If the damage has been done, prepare a glass of salt solution, consisting of a pinch of salt and cold water. Dab the mixture against your skin where the dark pigmentation are, using cotton sticks or a cloth. Do this for between three to five minutes.

Remember, these tips only help you to lessen damage and maintain reasonably good skin if you have to frequently stay up late at night. Don't expect miracles if you're a party animal!
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Do you have solutions for people who suffer from itchy eyes if they don't get enough sleep? Not only do I get puffy eyes but they itch.
    Look forward to your postings - angie