Make your eye cream work by applying them correctly

Why do eye creams seem so useless? Not only are they not absorbed by the skin, they even coagulate into lipid granules!

If you’re a victim of ineffective eye creams, don’t be in a hurry to pile the blame on your products. Your method of application may be the root of your problems.

A recommended eye cream application method is the “point and press” method. First, scoop up or squeeze a blob of eye cream (usually, it should be approximately the size of a soybean) onto the tip of a ring finger. Dab off some of the eye cream onto the ring finger of your other hand such that you have an approximately equivalent amount of eye cream on both fingers.

Daub the problem region around each eye until your eye cream has been evenly distributed around your eyes. When you daub a spot, you’re pointing at a spot and pressing down gently on it, hence the name of the method. Continue daubing the same areas with greater frequency until all the eye cream has been absorbed. Remember to keep your actions gentle and your ring finger clean.

For a relaxing finale, rub both your palms together until they feel warm. Gently push your warm palms against your closed eyes and relax until you no longer feel the heat.
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