Covering up facial flaws

1. Even complexion
I received a beauty tip from a Taiwanese author for reducing uneven pigmentation. You can mix your liquid concealer together with milk (powdered milk without adding other substances) in the proportion of 1:3 and apply the mixture below the eyes and on the edges of the nose. The two substances are easy to mix and help to achieve a smooth texture for the skin. I’ve tried it, it works and the foundation doesn’t look cakey! The additional step may be troublesome, but beauty doesn’t come with laziness.

2. Using eye cream to conceal wrinkles
Eye cream has the function of moisturizing the skin around your eyes. Healthy, moisturized skin is able to effectively absorb your concealer, and also reduces the problem of eye bags arising from wrinkles. After your eye cream has been absorbed into your skin, apply concealer sparingly. Use your fingers to pat gently the areas covered in concealer. If your eye bags are your obvious, you can apply foundation in place of concealer.

3. Mixing shades to conceal dark pigmentation
By applying a mixture of violet, pink and pearl white eye shadow, the reflection of light will create an illusion, causing your eye shadow to look extraordinarily luminous. Do not use the small brushes that come with your eye shadow, but use a large and round-tipped brush instead. To make alterations without caking or spotting your make-up, gently brush away the offending areas. Applying yellow shades of eye shadow over yellow-tinted concealer yields a pretty good effect.
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