Follow the guidelines, not your heart

(Image from A Touch of Blusher)

If the talkative salesperson tries to give you advice about your new purchase or stuff a corporate brochure into your shopping bag, don't be too quick to brush him away or bin the brochure.

Following advancement in technology, compositions and application methods of cosmetic products have become increasingly complicated. Their methods of usage are constantly evolving. It is unwise to use a product based on habits and instincts without consulting the instructions booklet.

When shopping for cosmetics products, consult the retail assistant about the product you are purchasing. Read the instructions and product descriptions carefully. Do not misinterpret the product’s characteristics or method of usage.

The following are just a few examples of the consequences of ignorant product usage:

1. Products containing vitamin C should be used at night or in places that are not exposed to sunlight. With lowered light intensity, the products will perform reduction-oxidation reactions to achieve the required performance. If these products are used in the day, they will absorb light instead, causing age spots to become worst.

2. Many products function on different energy-liberation principles, rather than performing on immediate contact with skin. This is to help maintain the stability of the complexes during storage. Methods of energy liberation may take place in different ways, such as mixing two products together, or rubbing the product on your skin in a certain motion. If your method of application is incorrect, the product may not be working to its fullest potential, or may even be rendered completely useless.

3. There are many types of facial masks. Some have to be removed with water, some have to be wiped with tissue, others are not required to be removed. The general impression is that facial masks in clay or paste form are simply removed by washing off with water. However, some masks may be highly concentrated and require thorough cleansing. Otherwise, the face may become sensitive and red. On the other hand, some masks are mild enough to be used throughout an entire night of sleep.

Don't compromise your safety when there are accredited guidelines to follow!

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