Summer’s Hottest Make-up fad – Bohemian Glamour

The Bohemian look is all about layering fabric and prints with earthy hues and accessorizing with bold ethnic-inspired jewellery. Bohemian fashion had been the ‘it’ thing for a time being in Singapore a few years back. Now it's back in fashion, this time with a little evolvement. While keeping it's laid-back style, it has branched out into styles like Bohamian Chic and Bohemian Glamour, giving its wearer more choices of clothing and occasions to wear the style to. Now it’s time to bring back those earthy threads for the summer!

Bohemian fashion typical involved little make-up because it’s a fashion that evokes the feeling of returning to nature. That’s such a pity when there are so many glamorous bohemian accessories in the market that simply look odd when they don't complement with the make-up! Bohemian Glamour is a great look that achieves a fine balance between nature and city girl charm. This gentle smoky eye make-up is popular in Asian countries like Japan and Taiwan for it’s ability to make eyes look bigger, brighter and alluring without excessive use of dark eye make-up.

Here's a step-by-step guide for one typical way of doing your Bohemian Glamour make-up.

First of all, choose a variety of shades you'd like to use. Grey and purplish-grey are colours used to achieve the look in the first image, and they are good choices because they are such mystical colours.

Step 1: Apply a layer of primer to increase the lasting power of your eye makeup as well as prevent caking.

Step 2: Using the darkest grey as a base colour, coat your eyelid and above crease in it.

Step 3: For the next layer, purplish grey would be a great choice for the above crease. There will be no need to blend it with the first layer.

Step 4: Choose a lighter grey for the next layer. Apply a stroke in the middle of your above crease to blend the 2 different shades previously applied without having to layer over both shades. This presents a subtle variation in shades in your eyemakeup. Gently shade the same colour at the inner edge of the brow bone.

Step 5: Use your lightest eyeshadow (preferably pink hues) shade the outer edge your brow bone. This will illuminate your eyes as well as create the illusion that your eye sockets are deeper.

Step 6: Apply a pale shade of shimmering eyeshadow (preferably nude) on your undereye.

Step 7: Using the same grey eyeshadow that you used in step four as an eyeliner, apply in a thin stroke on your undereye, adhering closely to the eyelid and only covering 2/3 of the space from the outer lower lash line.

Step 8: Last but not least, Use the same nude shimmer eyeshadow from step 6 to highlight your undereye right to the tip of your cheek bones.

That's all! Simple isn't it? Now you can hit town as a glamourous Boho Queen with your loudest accessories!

Picture by YOKA时尚网
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