Sleep late and still enjoy good skin III

I'm back with the final installment (for now) of beauty tips for late nighters!

If you're going to be up late, the least you can do is make the night constructive for your skin! With some simple steps, you can improve your skin's ability to absorb nutrients from skin care product, and subject your skin to more restful sleep, almost making up for the damage wrought from late nights!

Apply night serum before 11pm

In a previous article, I mentioned that 11pm is the recommended time for your body to rest since it would be when various detoxification processes begin in your body. Sadly that seems to be a luxury that not everyone can afford. Most people apply night serum / moisturizer just before bed time as it is the last step of your nightly skin care routine. I would recommend you do it before 11pm instead, so that the detoxification process does not affect the skin’s ability to absorb the serum.

Take your supplements at night

When your body (and consequently your skin) lacks sleep, nutrient loss outweighs nutrient gains from your diet. If you have a habit of taking supplements, do take them at night, instead of taking them in the morning, especially Vitamin C and collagen. When your body is in its rest state at night, it will absorb the supplements more effectively for efficient reparation.

DIY Aromatherapy

Most salons these days add some fragrance to your treatment room or incorporate fragrance oils into the beauty treatment process because natural fragrance helps your mind to relax.
You can also include fragrance oils in your steam facial to relax your skin and help you sleep more soundly at night.

After cleansing your face, prepare a basin of steaming hot water. Add a few drops of fragrance oil and stir evenly. Place your face over the basin so that the steam emitting from the hot water opens your pores. Cover your head and the basin with a towel to prevent the steam from escaping. When the water has cooled down significantly, cleanse your face with the water. If you’re afraid of perspiration dripping from your hair and dirtying the water, you should wrap up your hair in a towel prior to steaming.

Different fragrance oils can help to improve different skin conditions:
Rose, sandalwood and chamomile are kind on dry, peeling skin. Rose and chamomile will also restore radiance in dull skin.
Geranium and lavender are suitable for oily, moisture-deprived skin.
For those plagued with acne problems, go with chamomile, peppermint, eucalyptus and frankincense.
These fragrances can usually be found in skincare specialty shops like The Body Shop, or shops specializing in aromatherapy.

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