Practise good hygiene with your cosmetic tools

Unhygienic face sponges, powder puffs and cosmetic brushes are breeding grounds for bacteria. After washing your face, rinse your face sponge or towel thoroughly and place it in a well-ventilated area to dry. Face sponges and towels should be sunned every now and then to prevent them from being wet. Powder puffs and cosmetic brushes must be washed regularly. There are cleaning liquids specifically for this purpose that you can buy from places selling skincare and cosmetic products. Ideally, you can use your bath foam or shampoo as cleaning agents. They are pretty effective too!

Powder puffs blacken easily so you ought to wash them at least once a week. Brushes can be washed once in two months, but each time after usage, they must be wiped with tissue. After that, shake them hard to dislodge residue.
Don’t be negligent with the way you handle your products! Dirt gets inside them, if you don't handle them properly. Tube containers and any other form of packaging with a dispenser of some sort are easier to handle. All you have to do is ensure that you replace the cap properly after use. If you’re keeping them in your moist bathroom, make sure the cap is tightly sealed, and try to finish the contents as quickly as possible.
For wide-mouth containers, do not ever use your fingers to scoop up the product. Each time your fingers touch the product, bacteria gets inside it. Use a clean spatula or cotton bud instead. After scooping up the product, replace the cap immediately to prevent dust from getting in.
Using a lip brush to apply your lip balm and lipstick is most ideal (if you keep your lip brush clean!). If you apply your lipstick or lip balm directly to your lips, that’s fine too, but do remember to use tissue to wipe its surface of contact with your lips after usage. You wouldn’t want your saliva to remain on your lipstick till the next day.
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