Eyes are the windows to the soul. When Korean cosmetic contact lens companies like GEO, Dueba and G & G were introduced online a few years ago, they took Asia by storm and their popularity has yet to cease, in spite of projected risks (the usual contact lens problems complete with colour chemicals running from the lenses) and the fact that they aren't actually legally prescribed and sold in Singapore. Most users snag them online through 'Group Orders' (in which a group of likeminded shoppers combine orders from the same store to save up on overseas shipping). I have a pair of GEOs myself and they sure do make my eyes look bigger, although I only wear them for weekends and special occasions because I'm concerned about possible side effects too.

I'm not going to discuss regular cosmetic contact lenses since you can probably find tonnes of reviews and information online. I'm going to deviate from the norm for a bit to introduce some bizarre lenses that were actually created and existed for some point of time. Some are beautiful but probably dangerous to wear, some are just really creepy, but they're eye-openers nonetheless (no pun intended!)

Starry eyes

Anthony Mallier designed these sparkly lenses. They're adorned with swarowski crystals, which are  gorgeous but probably really risky and uncomfortable to wear. They're competition entries and not for sale. I can imagine why. Still, if a company manages to reproduce a similar effect on 2D, I'm sure cosmetic lens users will be all over them.

Eric Klarenbeek's Eye Jewelery Project adds a whole new meaning to those watery eyes so loved by manga fans and romance novelists. You could look like you're crying for as long as you wear these crystals which are attached to special contact lenses with medical wire. It's an interesting idea, but far less aesthetically-appealing than using glitter make-up or swarowski stickers on your cheek. It looks like eye discharge! And the promotional video isn't exactly appealing. Small wonder that despite having been unveiled in 2008, it receives little positive attention from the consumer market.

Too obsessed?

Like the saying goes, there's a time and place for everything. Cartoon characters like Mickey and Hello Kitty look cute as stuffed toys, costumes and decorative art. Not so much for cosmetic purposes. These contact lenses wouldn't look out of place at a Macabre party or a goth club.

This football print contact lens is a novel way to express your interest in the world's most popular sports event! The downside is, you might miss seeing some goals as colour contact lens wearers are known to have complained about obscured vision from colours overlapping the pupil.

Functional lenses (debatable actually)

These red Nike Maxsight contact lenses are creepy, but they reduce road glare from the sun, which would greatly benefit atheletes. The green pair looks better. These lenses are a joint project by Nike and Bosch & Lomb to enhance or protect the vision of sports people. Different lenses cater to different spots. However, these aren't very popular and don't seem to be in production any more. And a good thing too; vampirish or alien eyes aren't a pretty sight on our atheletic hunks and babes.

This research project by the University of Washington, if successful, would be a hit with all sci-fi fanboys and fangirls. The electronic circuit and lights imprinted on the lenses could serve as power visual aids, creating virtual displays superimposed on the real world, such as projecting a vehicle's speed on its windshield and creating a midair virtual display of a screen only visible to its user - no more busybodies peeking over your shoulder as you update your latest facebook status on your iphone!

Hope you had a good laugh over these oddities as I did!
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