Biore Pore Perfect: Deep Cleansing Pore Strips

A friend of mine got these, but she didn’t find them effective, so she gave them to me to try out. I was supposed to leave it on my nose until it gets stiff and then remove it. The first day I tried it (left it on for 15 minutes), I was unimpressed by the results. I hardly saw any particles on it.
The next time I tried it again, I decided to leave it on a little longer (30 minutes) because I know some of these strips actually need more time than recommended to work. I peeled the strip off, and the results were completely different. I was satisfied to see so much gunk on it! This leads me to conclude that inappropriate usage i.e. leaving the strip on for too little time, affects its effectiveness.

The downside: the strip was stubbornly sticky (maybe because I left it on for so long) and when I tried to peel it off, I had to be very careful not to leave some of it behind or take some of my skin away with it. It was pretty painful to peel off.

This seems like a pretty effective product for cleansing comodegenes from your nose. If only better directions were given.
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