Beauty treatments turn ugly

These days, artificial beauty is no longer a taboo subject like it used to be. More people are opening up to admitting that they have had regular insertions of botox and small modifications done to their appearance such as lip plumping and double eyelids. While it's nice to like seeking improvement, plastic surgery can become a dangerous addiction!

Here's an extreme case illustrated in an article that I came across yesterday. It is about a Korean singer who got addicted to plastic surgery and ended up ruining her face consequently. She indulged in regular professional aesthetic surgery services until “no surgeon would touch her anymore”. It wasn’t explained why in the article, but I would assume that the amount of foreign substances in her body from past surgeries had exceeded the safe limit. Undeterred, she proceeded to administer plastic surgery on herself by injecting her face with cooking oil and paraffin. Years later, she shocked the world when she appeared on TV, looking absolutely hideous, with her head having swelled 3 times the normal size and features distorted (pictures are in the article itself). She has since been undergoing surgery to reduce the swelling, thanks to sympathetic members of the public who donated money to fund her treatments. The physical damages of her reckless actions are set to stay, but she has now come to terms with her disfigurement and remains cheerful about it.

We can learn several lessons from this story, the most obvious one being not to administer DIY surgical procedures to your face (or any part of your body, really), especially one that involves self concoctions. Honestly, I find it unbelievable that people actually do such an incredibly dangerous thing. It’s pretty much common sense that you should not inject products whose safety and effects you are unsure of into your body. If it’s toxic and gets into your blood stream, it may even lead to premature death. There’s a reason why reputable plastic surgeons demand such high payment – they underwent expensive education in Aesthetic Surgery and learnt many things about plastic surgery that most of us have no idea about. If DIY surgical procedures are really effective, everyone would look like their ideal image and there would be no aesthetic clinics around. So please leave this to the professionals.

Excessive plastic surgery is bad for our physical well-being. Our bodies often reject foreign substances because they are incompatible or have unfavourable effects on us. In plastic surgery, foreign substances like silicon and chemicals are often used. If these foreign bodies are not rejected, they are still likely to burden our body systems and in more severe cases, alter our physical aspects and body compositions. If the surgeon advises you against plastic surgery, take his advice. Nobody would actually say no to money if they had the choice.

The Korean singer must have succumbed to desperate measures because she was dissatisfied with herself. Another important lesson from this story is to be content with what your parents gave you. There is a saying that goes, ‘There are no ugly women, only lazy ones’. Exercise regularly, eat right, practise good hygiene and adopt a strict regime in caring for your skin. With healthy, glowing skin and bright, alert eyes, you don’t need surgically enhanced features to turn heads. Besides, good make-up techniques are equally capable of achieving the enhancements that plastic surgery brings about!
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