The Body Shop: Retractable Blusher Brush

There’s a Chinese saying that goes ‘工欲善其事,必先利其器' (gong yu shan qi shi, bi xian li qi qi). It means if you want to do the job well, you need quality tools (equipment and methods). The same goes for make-up! Even with the best eye shadow, blush etc, you need to best tools to execute them for optimum effect!

Today, I was clearing out my old beauty products and tools (if you recall, I mentioned in a previous article (link) that these things can’t keep for too long for hygiene purposes) and I thought I should give a little spotlight to my trusty make-up brush which I’ve been using for about 3 years!

I am changing it now because the brush has become a little splayed recently. I feel rather sad because it was great when it lasted, and it was cheap! I'll probably get the same one if I can find it!

I used it as a face brush to apply my powder foundation. It produced a very natural effect. It is also very soft despite being synthetic (probably feels like fine animal hairs, but body shop doesn’t use animal products, so it’s all good), springy and never sheds.

I also like how portable and hygienic it is. It has its own retractable casing, so no worries about exposure to dust or water.

However, I would not recommend it for blushing, especially if you’re using pigmented blush. This brush has the tendency to streak, so if you’re using non-natural colours on your skin, the unevenness will show up. Also, the retracted mechanism has a tendency to get stuck, so you have to be gentle and patient when dealing with it!
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