Dolling Up for Chinese New Year House Visits

It’s Chinese New Year week and I’m sure some of you are still keeping up with your visitations as I am! I’ve been visiting my friends and getting acquainted with their family members, as well as having people over at my house. Now it’s all very well to dress up like a Party Queen when you’re meeting up with just your friends, but it’s not so appropriate to do so if you’re paying respects to older relatives of these friends.

Here are some tips when you’re house visiting.

1. Avoid piling too much foundation on your face. It’s understandable to want to take greater precautions to cover your flaws when being in a place with many people, especially new acquaintances. But bear in mind that excess foundation may not assimilate well with the rest of your make-up, making your face look cakey and artificial under bright lights.

2. Overtly slender and fine brows do not go down well with older people. I know this through personal experience. My mum is always berating me for even re-shaping my eyebrows. She reckons I should treasure my thick black brows before they wear thin like hers. I guess thinning brows brings up painful memories for them XD. Besides, the older generation believes that thick brows are signs of prosperity and all sorts of good stuff. In any case, unnaturally thin brows are overrated and honestly, it doesn’t suit every single face shape. If you’ve had your brows over-plucked, use a brow pencil to enhance them.

3. Avoid dramatic eye make-up like fake eyelashes, mascara overload and eyeshadows that are too vivid or shiny. These are great for parties or a night out, but will not go down well with the older crowd.

4. Smokey eyes and heavy eyeliners are taboo. Don’t forget that black is an unlucky colour for Chinese New Year!

5. Don’t pile too much blush on your cheeks. It’s nice to look rosy and healthy, but don’t get carried away! You don’t want to remind people of zombies from the old Chinese films!

6. Avoid unconventional shades of lipstick like dark purple, blue and black. As mentioned, black is an unlucky colour. Besides, they might give the poor granny nightmares.

7. Warm shades like red, pink and orange are best for Chinese New Year. They would match your clothes too.

Above all, remember to wear a smile on your face!
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