Sweet Deals for the Skin

Honey is a natural food product. It contains natural sugars and does not need to be digested to be absorbed into the body. It is healthy and nutritious, and also renowned for its value in skin nourishment. Here are some hassle-free methods on how you can put these beautifying values of honey to good use!

1. Direct application to skin
Honey contains glucose, fructose, protein, vitamins and essential minerals which would nourish the cells in our skin and increase their metabolism rate so that old and dead cells are quickly replenished by new ones. As such, applying honey to your skin helps maintain skin elasticity and reduces occurrences of wrinkles.

2. As food
The glucose in honey helps to strengthen weak body constitutions. When you’re healthy, you’d naturally look healthy and glowing too! Honey also contains anti-oxidants, which helps with detoxification. In the long run, regular consumption of honey prevents the emergence of wrinkles and age spots so that you’re always looking fresh and youthful!

3. Honey Bath
Add honey to your bath tub or face washing basin for a delightful honey wash! Organic honey is expensive, but you won’t break your bank account for this because an approximate ratio of water to honey would be 1:100. That means about a teaspoon of honey to your basin and a few tablespoonfuls to your bath tub! Honey water rejuvenates your skin, making it feel smooth and fresh!

Here’s an additional tip for a DIY luxurious fragrant honey bath.
You will need: 500g of natural honey, 100g of fresh jasmine flowers or 25g of dried ones
Boil the jasmine flowers, filter the juice and remove the residue. Add the juice and honey into the bath tub. After soaking for 20 minutes, shower to wash away the honey. Do this three to five times a week and you’ll see profound improvements to your skin. If you have body odour, fragrance from the bath will help you to coat the smell too.
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