Look smokin' hot with smokey eyes

Halloween is just round the corner! Have you decided who or what you're going to dress up as for your parties? I've been too busy lately to plan for my halloween events, but I've tried perfecting the dramatic smokey eyes look because I think it's the most versatile make-up technique you can use to complement any halloween get-up, be it a vampire, a witch or even a pirate (think Jack Sparrow).

What you'll need:
- Black kohl eyeliner
- Angled brush
- Powdered eyeshadow. Colours like black and dark grey are most suitable for creating the smokey look. Use glittering ones for more glamour.

First of all, you will need to apply a good base. You can use a base specifically designed for eyes, or any regular concealer. Apply the base in a patting motion with your ring finger across the eyelid. Life up your eyelid gently so you can apply the base in the inside corners of the eyelid. You should also apply a little of the base underneath your eyelid for more comprehensive coverage.

Now you can start applying your kohl eyeliner. Make a lifting motion just under your eyebrow with one finger and smooth out your upper lid with another finger. Starting from the inside corner of one eye, draw a medium sized line along your lash line. Most people tend to go light on the eyeliner on regular days. If you're not sure what medium-sized equates to, just take it as being slightly thicker than the line you would normally draw. Repeat this for your other eye.

Place the finger of your non-drawing hand directly under your eye in the center position. Make a gentle pulling motion with that finger so that the inner rim or water line of your eye is revealed. Draw a line just along that lower lash line. Repeat this for the other eye.

Apply a little eye shadow with your angle brush just above the line that you drew on your upper eyelid. Do the same underneath your eyes, but you can be more generous with your eye shadow by brushing it down a little further.

Using your ring finger, smudge out the upper eyeliner, blending it all over your eyelid together with the eye shadow. If you're using shimmery eyeshadow, make sure the glitter is evenly blended all over the eyelid. Blend it in such a way that the area covered by the blend of eyeshadow and eyeliner gets increasingly larger as it approaches the outer corner of your eyelid, then brush it downwards. Blend the eyeliner and eyeshadow into something of horizontal crescent under your eyes. Brush the portion near the outer corner of your bottom eyelid upwards, so that your upper and lower eye make up connects and blends evenly.

For the finishing touch, dust a little translucent powder to set your fabulous eyes.
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