Product Review: LUSH Love Lettuce Mask

Description from website:

“Love Lettuce is a wonderful lavender scented, rich green exfoliating mask for normal to oily skins. We make it with an infusion of nutritious agar seaweed, balancing lavender oil and chlorophyll to control your skin's oil production and china clay to penetrate the skin and absorb the dirt you've picked up from the atmosphere. As you wash it off, the ground almonds and almond shells gently remove dead skin cells to give you a fresh-from-the-market-garden look (and scent). Apply to clean, damp skin avoiding the eye area; leave on for ten minutes then gently massage in with damp finger tips before rinsing off with warm water. At least four treatments per pot.”

Doesn’t this look like ice cream? My friend bought this back for me from Australia. It has to be stored in the refrigerator, and I love how nice and cold it feels on my skin. It’s great to use in the morning because it refreshes me and puts me in a pleasant mood to face my day ahead.

The mask absorbs oil and leaves my face nicely moisturized and evenly toned. It has exfoliating beads which helps to massage my face and relax it, but they are very coarse and big, so be gentle when applying and rinsing. My skin glows and feels soft like silk after treatment. The process is highly enjoyable because of the soothing scent that the mask exudes.

However, it only has a 3 week shelf life. This is a testament of its freshness, but this means you’ll have to use it up quickly to avoid wastage replenish it frequently. This can be pretty pricey to use on a regular basis.
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