Product Review: Méthode Jeanne Piaubert CRYSTAL CLEAR Eye Make-up Remover

How was everyone's Halloween? I went for the Halloween special at the Singapore Night Safari with my buds. The atmosphere was great - dark and dramatically spooky. The 'creatures of the night' didn't scare me (though they probably were supposed to) but I found them pretty entertaining. The only downside was that because it was so dark inside, my smokey eyes, which I painstakingly practised creating for the past few days, didn't stand out all that well. I probably should have dusted on some glitter. Oh well.

Loads of festives are coming up! Year-end galas, dinners, christmas and new year! It's the time of the ear to pile on more eye make-up than usual. But don't forget that dramatic eye make-up with vivid colours are often more stubborn to remove as compared to regular eye make-up.

Thus I'm recommending Méthode Jeanne Piaubert CRYSTAL CLEAR, which is not only a very effective eye make-up remover, but also serves as nourishment for the eyes.

I've used it a few times to remove heavy make-up, including my glamorous smokey eyes on Halloween night (I'm still using my regular make-up remover for light make-up). The liner, shadow and even the mascara come out without much fuss. According to MJP's website, it actually coats the lashes to decongest the mascara. I guess that's why it's so easy to remove the mascara even without rubbing my lashes. With this product, I'm glad I won't be losing lashes for the wrong reasons!

The aftermath is refreshed, soothed and fully cleansed eyes.

This product may be too luxurious and extravagent for daily use, but it's a great respite if you've come home with tired eyes caked with dramatic make-up.
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  1. Hannah Poole Says:

    Lydia, this eye-makeup remover looks unique and fabulous! Thanks for the great review!