Common Make-up taboos to avoid

Apologies for the lack of updates! I've been really busy lately! Today, I managed to squeeze in some time during my lunch break to write a new article.

The holiday season's coming and in spite of the recession, there will still be parties and dinners to attend, especially corporate ones. That means out comes all your fabulous collections of beauty products and make-up kits! Make-up can make a world of difference to a person. We all know that make-up can make someone look extraordinarily beautiful. On the other hand, a botched make-up job can make someone look extraordinarily ugly too! Many people tend to go overboard with their make-up or get into all kinds of slip-ups when preparing for parties. Do steer clear of the following commonly-made mistakes so that you don’t ruin your party.

Foundation overdose
Foundation is meant to make skin look even. It should not be used as a concealer. If you’re using your foundation like a mask, chances are, most people are going to notice the oddness of your skin under bright light. Too much foundation will also cause your skin tone and texture of your face to look different from the rest of your body. Apply only one thin layer of foundation, and use concealer to cover up your blemishes and imperfections.

Mascara overdose
Long, black eyelashes will certainly make your eyes look more alert, but blatantly thick make-up makes you look vulgar. Long and well-defined lashes look more elegant than lashes caked in mascara. The same goes for artificial eyelashes. The dramatic ones with sequins, feathers and what-have-you are fine for parties, but avoid the ones with thick, black lashes. They don’t look natural, nor are they sufficiently glamorous for parties.

Using non-lasting lipstick
You’re likely to be doing lots of eating, drinking or talking, or all of the above. If your lipstick is not lasting, some of it could fade. Lips that are not evenly coloured look terrible! Get a lipstick that doesn’t fade for parties. Otherwise, remember to touch up your lips regularly.

Using non-lasting lip gloss
If you have dry lips, you wouldn’t want your lips to start looking crackly and ill-nourished in the middle of a conversation. Either use lasting lip gloss, or apply a fresh coat of lip gloss to your lips regularly.

Obvious lip outlines
Do use a lip liner with a similar shade of colour to your lipstick to outline your lips. Don’t think that you’re accentuating your lips by making the outline look obvious. It just makes you look like you’re trying too hard.
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