Staying Slim under the Thick Layers

December holidays are coming and many are undoubtedly planning to travel! It's snowing or about to snow in many popular tourist destinations and that's always novel for those of us who have lived in tropical weather all our lives. Snow also makes for beautiful scenery for photo-taking! Unfortunately, the cold weather also makes it mandatory for us to dress warmly in multiple layers and bulky coats, causing us to look regrettably tubby in those beautiful photos! But don't despair! With the right type of cut and accessories, you can keep warm without looking like a dumpling!

Dark colours
Wearing dark coloured clothes gives the optical illusion of looking thinner. But this does not mean that you have to dress up like a crow. Dark shades of brown, blue, red, purple and other colours too, do not add bulk to your body. On the other hand, pink and white coats make you look sweet and fluffy, but they can also make you look bulkier than usual.

Long coats
These coats that go down to knee-length are suitable for tall girls and when worn with knee-high, high-heeled boots, can really elongate your body and make you look slimmer! Petite girls too, can wear long coats, but bear in mind to choose one that is proportionate to your body. Something that goes beyond your knee could make you look like you have short legs.


Flare-bottomed Coat
If you're bottom-heavy, these are especially great for covering up your weaknesses while giving the optical illusion of a smaller waist. Shorter ladies who do not find long coats suitable for them may go for such coats that reach above the knees. Just be sure that it actually reaches beyond your butt or you'll look even more bottom-heavy.

Furry collars, hoods and scarves
Isn't it annoying how layers of clothes add bulk to you horizontally but never vertically? If you have small, sloping shoulders, they would look disproportionate to your now-wider torso. But not to worry! Draping something that stands out around your shoulders and neck will not only level out your shoulders but also draws attention away from your waist. For scarves, choose something whose colour stands out against the colour of your coat e.g. white on black, rather than something that complements. Fur itself is outstanding and elegant. For those of you who are like me and don't support the use of real animal fur for aesthetic purposes, there are lots of coats that are accessorised by gorgeous faux fur.

Warm Colours
While warm colours may not actually keep you warm, they have psychological effects that make you feel and look warm! Besides, wearing warm or even hot colours makes you stand out against the snowy landscape!


Happy shopping!
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