The Little Things Matter

You've invested money, time and effort on what you thought were the best facial products. You eat healthily and live healthily. You did everything you thought you were right. So why are problems like wrinkles, saggy skin and pimples still setting in?

All of us have our own little tics, like running fingers through hair, chewing of knuckles when under stress, tapping toes when bored... most of these tics are harmless, but some that seem insignificant may actually leave permanent changes to the point of being destructive! Chewing of knuckles, for example, is known to cause calluses. In the same way, some of the little things we do to our faces may actually disrupt our skincare routines. Set them right before permanent damage sets in!

1. Propping your face up with your hands

Long term Effect: Doing this regularly gives you wrinkles in the long run.
The pulling and pushing pressure exerted on your cheeks by your hands causes wrinkles. What’s more, unlike fine wrinkles caused by dryness, these wrinkles caused by skin loosening will be there to stay and no amount of expensive cosmetics would reverse the problem.

2. Crinkling your nose

Long term effect: You would develop wrinkles around your nose and eyes even if you've yet to reach the age when wrinkles set in!
Wrinkles occur earliest on places where facial movements occur most frequently, usually attributed to an outward expression of emotions. When facial muscles move, a crease will appear, but it will go away as long as your facial expression reverts to normal. Crinkling your nose is not a reflex action, so you have the choice of not doing it frequently!

3. Using only one side of your mouth to chew

Long term effect: Your face will become asymmetrical i.e. one cheek appears larger than the other.
This usually happens when one has a toothache, ulcer or some form of discomfort on one side of the mouth that requires him to concentrate on the other. If it has become a habit, it will occur everyday during all meals. The muscles on the side of the mouth that you keep using to chew will become stronger and bigger over time. Since the muscles on the other side are not in use, they will remain the same size or worst, become smaller in a process known as atrophy. When you eat, always make sure you’re using both sides to chew!

I'll follow up with more in subsequent entries, so stay tuned!
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  1. skyiseternal Says:

    lovely, should really take care of such thing which I would mention is leaning on causes darkening and roughening of the skin on elbows...and if someone likes to crack the knuckles on the hands (I do so unconsciously), it gives an old 60 year wrinkled hand :(