The Little Things Matter 2

I'm back again with the continuation of the previous article about poor lifestyle habits that we're so used to taking for granted. More food for thought...

4. Frequently using exaggerated expressions like winking, laughing really hard, frowning hard

Long term effect: You’ll get more wrinkles and at a faster rate

As mentioned earlier, wrinkles appear earliest where facial movements occur most frequently. Do avoid making exaggerated expressions or reacting strongly to something too often. It’s bad for your face as well as your heart.

5. Squeezing pimples

Long term effect: Skin develops an infection and scarring occurs thereafter

Leave your pimples alone. Always remember that a giant pimple will definitely disappear after a couple of days, but a scar will stay for a month or even longer. If you must hide that pimple, cover it up well with lots of foundation and concealer, but don’t forgot to remove your make-up properly.

6. Exceeding recommended time for masks

Long term effect: Skin gets dry, sensitive and ages quickly

Always read the instructions overleaf. Usually, the recommended time is no longer than 15 minutes. Leaving your mask on for too long causes it to absorb water from your skin since its water content is now less than that of your skin. If you’re using a clay mask, it could also cause your pores to clog up.

Tune in for the last installment next week!
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