Sleep late and still enjoy good skin I

Early to sleep, early to rise lays the foundation for good health and beauty, but given our hectic lifestyles, we sometimes have to work till late, get home late and sleep even later! Especially when a huge festive season like Chinese New Year is just round the corner and everyone’s trying to handle increased workloads or finish work to enjoy the holiday in peace!

The good news is, yes, it is possible to sleep late and still maintain healthy skin, but there are some good habits that you must inculcate to make up for the lack of sleep!

1. Don’t wash your face late in the night.
Washing your face late at night actually stresses your skin and consequently encourages the formation of pimples and comedogenes. It’s just like eating late in the night, and your digestive system has to work when it shouldn’t have to. Wash your face as early as possible instead of right before bedtime, preferably right after you come back from work or wherever you are. It is also a good habit to remove make-up as early as possible.

2. Keep your skin well-moisturized
Late nights and exhaustion cause your skin’s moisture-trapping system to weaken. After cleansing your face, apply a good moisturizer that is easily absorbed. In other words, choose a moisturizer that suits your skin-type. Those with oily skin in particular, should generally avoid creamy moisturizers and choose water-based moisturizers instead. Frequently spraying water mist on your face is also a good practice. However, those with dry and sensitive skin should avoid using tap water to cleanse or moisturize your face as the deposits in it can cause further drying. Use mineral water or moisturizing sprays designed specially for skin care. Don’t forget to moisturize the nooks and crannies too, which are all too often neglected.

3. DIY Moisturizing Mask
Instead of applying your moisturizing serum directly to your face, apply it all over a plain facial mask and put it over your face. After 10 minutes, remove the mask; the serum should have settled into your skin. This is more thorough and gentler than rubbling the serum in with your fingers. Note that this works for serum and liquid moisturizers, but not for cream moisturizers.

More tips to come next week! Now you can stay up late to watch the Chingay without worrying, but all the same, don't go overboard, because sleeping late is still strenuous on your health in the long run!

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