Hydrogen Peroxide solution for acne

I generally don’t believe in overnight miracle cures for skin. Improving your skin is just like trying to lose weight – you can’t do it quickly has it’s either damaging or non-lasting. In this case, especially with acne, you need to find the root of acne (stress? Poor lifestyle? Bad hygiene?) and eliminate it. On-the-Surface solutions like some creams may alleviate the problem for awhile but the acne will return if you don’t get rid of the root problem.

However, as some people have expressed interest in the effect of Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) solution on acne because I mentioned it in my previous post, I’ll blog about it today.

H2O2 is an antiseptic product that is commonly found in household products and hospitals. Just like how it disinfects by killing bacteria, it clears acne by killing bacteria in the skin that causes the acne. Without intrusion from the bacteria, the skin can then heal faster on its own. H2O2 is also throught to prevent acne from returning because it oxygenates the pores, hence preventing bacteria from growing in it since bacteria thrive best in anaerobic conditions. H2O2 solution is very cheap and commonly available. A bottle of 3% concentration H2O2 (nothing higher! H2O2 is caustic and high concentrations will burn the skin) will do the trick! You are advised to get it from the pharmacy.

Sounds good eh? However, as with all acne treatments, there is little scientific basis to prove its effectiveness or long-term effects. Here are some things to consider. Since H2O2 oxygenates your skin by introducing new, unstable oxygen molecules, these free radicals could cause damage to your skin. If used over a prolonged period of time, it could cause dry skin and wrinkles to set it. Use it with moderation; you can use it get rid of current acne, but do not attempt to incorporate it into your regular skin care regime. Once the acne shows sign of clearing up, put it away and concentrate on solving the root problem to stop acne from setting in again. I’ve written some articles concerning acne previously which you can refer to.

Now that we’re aware of the pros and cons of it, how does one use it? Firstly, only use it at night. After washing your face and toning it, dab H2O2 solution over the problem areas, keeping it well away from your hair and eyebrows as H2O2 is an ingredient in bleaching agents. After 1 or 2 minutes, apply moisturizer over it.

If you’re iffy about putting straight H2O2 on your face, you may also consider getting an actual acne kit which utilizes H2O2 but contains other ingredients to serve its cause.

Good luck getting rid of those pesky red things! And don’t forget that a healthy lifestyle and strong immune system always helps get rid of all the bad stuff from your body!

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