Spruce up your hair in an emergency!

Few people are blessed with glamorous-looking silky hair with the right amount of curls and springiness. Us Asians especially typically have straight, fine hair that looks very average. But when we’re trying to impress someone, looking average is simply not enough. Furthermore,most of us have too little time in the morning to style our hair before going to work.Now imagine you’re having a hectic day at the office and your unstyled hair is as listless as your tired self. Suddenly, a client demands a meeting with you and you only have a few minutes to make yourself look presentable.

First, head to the ladies with a comb, hair ties (or rubber bands) and 2 fat highlighters (bring several if you only have thin ones). Wet a comb and comb it through your hair. This will smoothen out all your tangles and frizzes, making your hair easier to manage.

Pull all your hair from the back and place in front of your shoulders. Part them properly so that there’s a similar amount on each side.

If you have curly hair, apply some styling cream for curly hair to the end portions of hair on both sides. As a matter of fact, it’s good to keep some hair styling cream at your desk as there are no alternatives for it. Take hold of all the hair on one side and curl it around a fat highlighter (or bunch of pens). Use a hair tie (or rubber band, but mind you, it'll hurt your hair when you remove it) to secure the highlighter so that it doesn’t drop when you release it. Do the same for the other side. This is resourceful utilization of items at hand. If you have proper curlers, please use those by all means.

Wait for whatever duration that the instructions on your styling cream advise you to. Typically it’s no longer than 5 minutes, during which you might want to hide in the toilet cubicle in case someone walks in on your strange ritual.

When the 5 minutes are up, lower your head under the hand dryer to blow dry your hair into shape. This shouldn’t take long since your hair shouldn’t be very wet in the first place. Gently dislodge the highlighter from your hair as your hair dries. And there you are, livelier hair to see you through your emergency meeting!

If you have dull and listless straight hair, apply styling cream on your hair and braid it. Leave your hair in the braid for up to half an hour. If you haven’t got that amount of time, keep applying pressure on it so that it gets into shape quickly. You can do this while taking public transport too! Release the braid for temporary waves that add a little life to your hair!
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