Shu Uemura: White gel eyeliner

If you had a late night, Shu Uemura's White Gel eyeliner may just be the thing to spruce up your dull eyes.

I just received it in my mail last week and I couldn't wait to try it out. The packaging is so unique, simplistic yet classy. How many eyeliners come in a stick instead of a slick paint pot like this?

It's best feature is of course, how it makes your eye make-up look fresh and bright. You don't often get this 'hey bright eyes!' effect with non-shimmery eye liners. This eyeliner however, is matte and would be suitable if you're in need of a more subtle eyeliner.

It is also holds out well. It lasted all throughout work. Just needed a little touch up before hitting the pubs with my girlfriends, and it's still perfectly intact when I got home. It's supposed to be waterproof and while I haven't gone swimming in it, I've tried applying it at home and splashing water and on my face and it doesn't come off.

My only grouse would be its price. For a small and shallow little pot, it is rather pricey (24USD on Shu Uemura's website). But you probably won't be using it on a daily basis. Besides, just a little of that white gel works well as a highlighter that accentuates your eyes. I would recommend it to anyone who wants eye makeup that stays on and gives them a fresh look.

On the subject of eye make-up, I've received samples of false eyelashes from Revlon. I'll be trying them out for a party in a couple of weeks, so if you have any specific questions about any of the 3 products in this series, feel free to email them to me!
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