Oh the heat!

The weather has been crazy lately, hasn’t it? It rains one moment and becomes scorching hot another. My heart really goes out to the promoters and surveyors who have been roughing it out in the open in view of the poor economy. It’s essential that we know how to protect our skin from the heat of the sun!

The importance of sunblock application goes without saying. However, while sun block protects your skin from the UV rays, your skin may be reeling from the harshness of the sun’s merciless heat.

Quick Hydrating Mask
You can easily make one yourself using an empty mask sheet and toner (I explained this in an earlier post). But if you haven’t got time to make them, you can get them cheap from pharmacies like Watson’s and Guardian. They are usually imported from Taiwan, a country famous for its home remedies and beauty-savvy female population. They make great pick-me ups when you’re back home from a day in the hot sun and feeling too exhausted to do anything else.

Using steam to quicken the hydrating process
It is best to use your hydrating mask in the bathroom, while soaking in a hot bath or after a hot shower. Steam from the hot water will facilitate quicker absorption of the nutrients in the mask. On the other hand, when you’re using a deep purifying mask, do not do so in places with high levels of moisture, because such masks absorb dirt from pores using the pulling force from the dried mask.

Moisturizing Essence
Moisturizing essence is generally able to penetrate the cuticle more easily in comparison to moisturizing milk because a molecule of essence has a comparatively smaller surface area. To relieve dry cells more effectively, apply moisturizing essence, followed by milk. Moisturizing milk will act like a cap, firmly encasing the essence and prolonging the time moisture takes to leave the skin.

Baby Oil Relief
The results of prolonged exposure to the sun usually show up most prominently on the skin around your knee caps, joints and lips. That’s rather unsightly, isn’t it? Here’s where baby oil comes in handy. After a bath, apply baby oil to parts of your skin which are peeling. That should offer some relief as well as smoothen your scaly injured skin. However, skin doctors have advised against the use of baby oil if you’re currently suffering from or have a history of Keratosis Pilaris (rough little bumps on skin)

Replace excessive water loss
When you’re engaging in activities that result in high water loss, such as vigorous exercise, sunbathing or even enjoying a sauna or hot tub, it is crucial to replenish the water. Bring a bottle of water everywhere with you and sip it every now and then. This will prevent your cells from drying and also maintains healthy blood circulation.
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