Chanel: Automatic Liquid Eyeliner

I love liquid eyeliner because it adheres easily to the contours of my eyelids, allowing me to draw really fine and sleek lines. Some eye liner users find liquid eyeliner a hassle to use, but it’s really the application tool that affects its user-friendliness.

Applying liquid eyeliner is no rocket science with the right brush applicator, and Chanel’s automatic liquid eyeliner proves it. It’s foolproof even for newbies and anyone who needs to apply eyeliner in a colossal rush.

The brush applicator is designed in such a way that you can convenient draw fine lines quickly and perfectly. Especially for the more seasoned eyeliner users, you’ll certainly be able to get the polished, tattooed eyeliner look effortlessly. Furthermore, if you’re out for a long day and tend to get oily lids, this liquid eyeliner stays on and doesn’t smear and give panda eyes unlike other liquid eyeliners.
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