Reminders for Party Make-up

Choose one area to focus coloured make-up
Even if it’s Christmas, you shouldn't make yourself up like a Christmas tree by piling up as many types of make-up as you can on your face! Applying coloured make-up on every part of your face just makes one look crass. Basically, just choose one focal area from your eyes, cheeks and lips. For example, if you’re using heavy eye make up, use lighter tones on your cheeks and lips. Or use brighter and more obvious lip stick colours if you’re going with light eye makeup.

This is just wrong

Use concealer appropriately
Concealer is good for covering pimples, blackheads, dark spots, dark circles, amongst many small flaws. To prevent discrepancies in your skin colour, choose concealers with the same or similar tone to your foundation. If you’re trying to conceal a huge area, blend your concealer with your foundation so the patch doesn’t stand out.

Remove oil before touching up your makeup
Make-up isn’t meant to hide oil. Use oil absorbent sheets to siphon oil from your face. If you apply make-up directly over an oily face, your make-up will cake.

Don’t over-lighten your facial skin tone
The skin colour on your face and neck will differ, which will be simply awkward. Even if you cover your neck in make-up, the difference in skin tone with other parts will be obvious, unless you’re wearing clothes that don’t reveal an inch of skin. The contrast will really show up on photos, and looks even more obvious in a dimmed club. Instead of trying to brighten your skin tone, use richer colours for your eyes or lips to add radiance instead.
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