Interesting Facts Concerning Ageing

Did you know that the language you speak affects the age your face looks? Research indicates that Spanish women are prone to sagging chins because when they talk, their jaw movement is rapid. The way German women pronounce their words causes their foreheads to crinkle, so they are more prone to developing wrinkles on foreheads.

Did you realize that your skin always looks more tired and wrinkles look more pronounced at night as compared to day time? Skin is affected by gravitational pull. At night, skin tends to sag further, causing wrinkles to increase by approximately 10%!

Why does your husband/boyfriend/brother who is about your age look younger than you do? Men’s skin has 22% more collagen then women’s, and hence age slower. If both of you are 30 years old, and you don’t take good care of your skin, you may look older than him by as much as 7 years! Just try the following formula: 30 x (122/100) = 36.6

Plump faces sag more easily than thin ones when they reach middle age. On the other hand, thin people’s faces tend to become sunken in.
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