Product Review: Legere Water Drop Shiny Pearl BB Cream

This brand of BB cream seems to be the hottest now, given its publicity on popular Taiwanese beauty show Nu Ren Wo Zui Da. I couldn't contain my curiosity, so I got one to try.

Like other BBCreams, this one promises a whole range of skin protection abilities. It serves as a sunblock, protection and healing for sensitive skin especially those plagued by acne, oil control and make-up base.

On first contact with the cream, I can understand why this product is so highly acclaimed. It feels very cooling, soothing and light. It's visible, but not felt, unlike some oil-based creams and foundations, which could stifle your skin. Being more watery than other make-up bases I've used, it needs to be blended quickly or you'll see swirly lines on your face when it dries.

Fortunately, it dries quickly, because no matter how nice it feels, it's concealing effect is not exemplary, so I always have to apply powder over it. It does cover up faint scars and blemishes, but not the more obvious ones. It also doesn't cover eyebags. What I always do is put some concealer over the blemishes and the eyebags, apply the BB Cream and then pad on a layer of loose powder.

It's also not called Shiny Pearl for nothing. It makes your face shiny. Well, my skin is the combination type, and I've always tried my best not to let it get shiny and oily-looking. However, applying loose powder helps to eliminate the shine factor. The colour of the cream is also surprisingly dark. It's brown, the darkest I've seen of all foundations and bb creams for Asians (Chinese) so far. Upon application, it seems to blend with the colour of the fairest skin, but after it dries, I realized it turns a queer orangey brown. It's as though I went to get my face tanned. This is certainly not good, but once again, it can also be remedied by applying loose powder of your own skin tone all over your face.

I really love this cream because it provides very natural coverage. Well maybe semi-coverage seems like a more appropriate word, but I love how it makes my skin look smooth and flawless without looking like I dipped my face in skin-coloured flour.

I have doubts about its supppsed sun protection feature. There's no SPF value written on it. So I'd advise users not to put too much faith in it and apply your sunblock as usual instead. I don't think much of its oil control properties either. As the day goes on, my face starts getting shiny again. It could be because the loose powder flakes off, revealing the shine from the BB cream. I have to apply loose powder regularly throughout the day, but we usually do have to fix our makeup from time to time anyway.

I can't review it's healing effects because I do not have acne-plagued skin. However, one of my friends who does said her doctor recommended this cream for her because it doesn't clog up pores and will not irritate skin. She's been using it and it hasn't made her skin worst or caused additional breakouts.

However, all in all, it's certainly a make-up base that I would recommend.
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