Purchasing Cosmetic Products from Overseas II

A continuation from last week's post to address enquiries about purchasing cosmetic products overseas.

“Also, would the cream used in a country where there's 4 seasons be useful in our climate?”

Although different seasons call for slightly different skin care routines, there is usually not much difference in cosmetics, certainly not in the way where you have to wear different types of clothing to adapt to the different seasons. Many of our cosmetics and skincare products are actually imported from America and European countries. They aren't tailor-made for us and the very same product lines are used by their own people too.

There are some types of cosmetics with altered properties to suit a particular season. For example, some liquid foundations and lip balm boast greater moisturizing properties for the dry winter. Another issue, not so much pertaining to skin care, is that seasonal make-up is often fashionable in countries with 4 seasons so if you visit a country in the Autumn for example, you may find that the shades of the make-up carried in stores are geared towards Autumn colours.

But few cosmetic products are season-specific. Examples of season-specific products would be moisturizing cream and lip balm with extra moisturizing properties that you may find in winter-gear stores like Winter Wear. Even then, these do not absolutely have to be used only in winter. I’m still using my left over extra-moisturizing lip balm and body cream from my winter trip to the US last December. Apart from wasting its richness and moisturizing properties (better than wasting the entire product anyway), I’m not experiencing any problems or side-effects.

However, do bear in mind that some extra-moisturizing face creams are known to cause breakouts on people with oily or acne-prone skin. Then again, this isn’t limited to seasonal beauty products. The key to buying effective beauty products is to understand your skin type and choose products with properties that suit your needs, never mind where they’re from!
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