MAC - Blankety Lipstick

I’ve been looking for a good nude lipstick for a long while and I think I’ve finally found it! This is a rich and creamy lipstick that looks like velvet on my lips. It gives great coverage for a reasonably long time and stays on reasonably well even after a long day’s out complete with drinks, conversation and lunch (nevertheless, don’t take this for granted. Few lipsticks stay on long after meals so remember to touch up anyway).

Although this is a nude lipstick, it has hints of pink to balance out the plainness of a nude lip. This lipstick is certainly perfect on its own for a professional or natural look. If you’d like something more glamorous, you can use it as a base and add some shimmery lip gloss over it. This lipstick also goes great with dramatic eye makeup as it is ideal not to use rich colours for lips if you’re already putting great emphasis on your eye makeup.

However, while this lipstick produces a great nude colour for fair-skinned people, it may be too light for people with darker skin tones.
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