Product Review: Clinique Clarifying Moisture Lotion 2

I’ve been using this product as my toner recently. It has a really good cleansing effect and my skin feels very clean after using it. I can practically see dirt on the cotton swab that I used to apply toner on my face. It also has excellent oil control. Its pricing is reasonable too.

However, I know of some people who complained that the lotion is too harsh. They feel pain when they use it, and some end up with red skin and breakouts. Personally, my skin does get a little red, but otherwise, I feel no discomfort.

The key is to choose the correct one for your skin. If you study the makeup of the lotion, you will notice that it has high alcohol content. Alcohol deprives your skin of moisture and your skin may excrete oil to replace the moisture, giving rise to breakouts. In my opinion, Lotion 2 is not suitable for people with perfectly normal skin or dry skin. Lotion 1 is milder and would be more appropriate for most people.
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